National Soup month

A bowl of butternut squash and broccoli and stilton soup.

Did you know that January is National Soup month. From a frosty and somewhat chilly Isle of Skye it is a welcome food at lunchtime. It’s also an easy meal when you have a busy day.

There are many different kinds of soup to choose. From clear, creamy, low-fat, with a dash of spice, or naturally sweet. Served hot and sometimes cold. Which is great isn’t it because nothing drives away those chilly winter blues like a hot bowl of your favourite soup.

We have two favourites, Butternut Squash and Broccoli and Stilton served with a couple of slices of Ian’s home made bread. Why not try it for yourself you can find them here ~ Recipe.

As there are only usually two of us having soup we can’t help ourselves from saying “Two Soups” courtesy of Julie Walters in a sketch written by Victoria Wood, when putting it on the table. (see the clip here)

Picture of Julie Walters carrying two soups in Victoria' Woods sketch

National Soup Month may be January be we enjoy a warming bowl throughout the year. We hope you enjoy trying them and if you have any recipes you think we should try, let us know.




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