History of the Island

A old map of the Isle of Skye

A few of the museums and places of interest you might like to visit.

Dunvegan Castle ~ Dunvegan

Dunvegan Castle & Gardens sits at the heart of the 42,000 acre MacLeod Estate. It is one the greatest Hebridean castles and the only Highland fortress to have been continuously occupied by the same family for 800 years. It is steeped in history and well worth a visit. You will find out about the buildings expansion through the years, the Clan wars and the
Fairy Flag.

Whilst there, walk around the formal gardens, some five acres, with a water garden, rose garden and woodland walk. If you time it right you may get to see carpets of snowdrops.

You can also go on a boat trip to see the Loch Dunvegan seal colony and observe these playful sea mammals at close quarters.
Visit the website to find out more > Dunvegan Castle

Giant MacKaskill Museum ~ Dunvegan

Angus Mòr MacAskill, frequently referred to as Giant MacAskill or Black Angus, was a Scottish giant, and is the world’s largest “true” giant. This museum tells about his life and how his house would have looked.
Visit the website to find out more > Giant MacAskill Museum

Staffin Dinosaur Museum ~ Ellishadder

The Staffin Dinosaur Museum was established in 1976. The species identified in the area include Stegosaurus, Megalosaurus, Cetiosaurus, Hadrosaurus, and Ceolophysis. The museum has a good display of fossils that have been found locally.
Visit the website to find out more > Staffin Dinosaur Museum

The Skye Museum of Island Life ~ Kilmuir

The Skye Museum of Island Life at Kilmuir, opened in 1965. The aim was to preserve a township of thatched cottages, each one depicting, as closely as possible, the conditions prevailing on the island at the close of the nineteenth century. Step back in time and see what it would haven like to live in these houses. As you drive around the island you may see some in people’s gardens, quite often now with tin rooves, used for storage.
Visit the website to find out more > Skye Museum of Island Life



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