Where to see Sunsets on the Isle of Skye

A red sunset from the garden at Millburn Bed and Breakfast
Sunsets can be seen from the doorstep

We are fortunate to be in a prime location, in NW Skye, to see some amazing Sunsets. From May onwards, with a clear sky, they can be a nightly occurence. And from June, when it can be ‘daylight’ until 11.00pm, it makes for a dramatic end to an action packed day on the Isle of Skye.

The first place to see Sunsets on Skye is …

Our garden. Why not bring down your favourite beverage from your room and sit on the the benches at the front of the house. From May it can be seen going down over Loch Dunvegan at the end of the garden.

Whilst from June it starts to move further west to behind the Macleod’s Tables.

If the midges are out, let us know, as we have repellent and a Thermocell battery operated device we will happily lend you.

The second place to see Sunsets on Skye is ….

Neist Point. Why not combine your visit to Neist Point Lighthouse with catching the sunset. Take a blanket from the basket at the front door and sit on the hill overlooking the lighthouse and watch as the sun sets over the Outer Hebrides.

The third place to see Sunsets on Skye…

Trumpan Head. This is a fantastic place to see a dark sky too, full of stars as well as some stunning sunsets. Look over to the Outer Hebrides and see the sun slowly slip over the horizon, then sit and wait into the evening for the stars to come out. Why not take a thermo cup with you of tea or hot chocolate?



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