5 things to do within 10 miles of Millburn


Things to do whilst staying at Millburn

Looking for things to do on Skye isn’t difficult. But one of the things we have become aware of talking to our guests is how difficult it can be to decide where to stay on the island to visit these places. The island might look relatively small on a map but you have to take into account the many single track roads, other road users and of course the fact the roads have to go around all the majestic mountains. We have made a list of our five favourite places to visit within ten miles of Millburn. Places recommended by guests too.

Things to do number 1

An imposing picture of the outside of Dunvegan Castle and entrance
Dunvegan Castle and Gardens

Dunvegan Castle is 2 miles from Millburn, a 25 minute level walk. You can find out more about it on our History of the Island page. There is an Association of Clan MacLeods societies, who link MacLeods across the world. The World Gathering, ‘Parliament’, of the Clan MacLeod takes place in Dunvegan every four years and the next is 23rd – 29th July 2022. This should be an interesting week here in Dunvegan. You can find out more about the Society here. After enjoying your tour around the castle why not book a table at The Dunvegan Hotel.

Things to do number 2

Coral Beach

Coral Beach is 5 miles up the road from Millburn. It is a relatively easy walk with only one small hill to walk over. You can find out more about it in our Five Favourite Day Walks. The scenery is stunning, whatever the weather. You can see some great sun sets from the beach too.

Things to do number 3

Skyeskyns logo

SkyeSkyns is 8 miles away, Find out how sheep skins are prepared to make rugs. Call into the gallery and see the different varieties of sheep skins there are. In the summer months they have a Yurt café too. Sit inside or out and enjoy the stunning views across to the Outer Hebrides. Whilst in this area why not continue along to Geary and visit Donnie’s Tablet Shed. Then on you way back go down the hill to Stein and look out to sea or grab a bite to eat at Paul Rankin’s Stein Inn.

Things to do number 4

Neist Point

Neist Point is 10 miles from Millburn. You travel through the picturesque village of Glendale to get there where you will find Café Lephin. Well worth a stop as you are passing. The views from the lighthouse are spectacular. On a clear night you can watch the sun setting over the Outer Hebrides.

Things to do number 5

Skye Silver and Skye Weavers

Skye Silver is 5 1/2 miles from Millburn on the road out to Glendale. Set in an old school house it is a lovely place to visit with some unique designs. Good for a rainy day. Skye Weavers is a little farther on along the same road, 6 miles from Millburn An intriguing use of pedal power to power their looms. Weaving a variety of woollen items. definitely worth a visit.



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